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The Lustre Collection by 1882 Ltd x Bethan Gray

Inspired by her nomadic hereditary that traversed both Arabia and Persia over many years, the designer Bethan Gray has continually drawn upon her interest in global art to design objects that are visually contemporary yet physically traditional. Through developing relationships with artisans around the world, Gray works collaboratively to bring her sublime creations to life through ancient methods employed by master craftsmen. It was with the expertise of ceramicists at 1882 LTD that Bethan Gray’s Lustre collection was born.

This dinnerware collection is crafted from fine bone china with a pattern of 22-carat gold and black decals that are finished by hand. The gilded motif is intricately applied in several stages to form the complex curves of the Dhow and Stripe, which are articulated in white, black and gold giving each Lustre piece a distinct radiance. The luxury of this collection evokes an Art Deco aestheticism but the muse for Bethan Gray was 13th-century Persian Lustre-ware bowls and the billowing sails of Oman’s distinctive boats.

Gray’s tribute to ancient Persian ceramics is an example of how influence can be thoughtfully and beautifully translated into modern wares for people to use and love across the globe. Exquisitely ornamental, the Lustre collection can be saved for the most extravagant feasts or used everyday to elevate your tabletop – either way invest in ceramics that honor the ritual of dining.

"Inspired by 13th Century Persian Lustre-ware bowls, the gilded Dhow motif gives the collection its distinctive radiance."