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Stone Age

The advent of technology has fundamentally changed the way that things are constructed. Modern spaces and objects are often engineered to accommodate the demands of a digital era. It’s not surprising then, that lately many designers have been drawn to materials, objects and spaces that seem to juxtapose modern advancements and restore a sense of balance – taking inspiration from natural materials and making use of organic elements such as marble and stone. 
Revered for its strength, versatility,  and timeless appeal stone is one of the world’s most ancient building materials – the art publisher Phaidon has even devoted a whole book to the material, aptly titled, Stone’. With today’s climate crisis reinforcing the need for sustainable development, stone has experienced a renaissance in recent years spanning design, architecture and art. Extracting stone requires only a small energy expenditure, and it’s durability makes it an enticing material to work with. 
Designers are developing innovative and unexpected new ways to work with stone and integrate it into their projects, whether that be taking inspiration from its organic beauty or using it to construct furniture or an object d’art. Using an ancient and natural element as the starting point of creation does not engender an antiquated design – there remains untold potential for ancient methods and materials, and we see designers incorporating stone into a highly contemporary aesthetic. Shop our edit of avant-garde objects that pay homage to this ancient material. Welcome to the new Stone Age, designed for a modern world. 
"Welcome to the new Stone Age, designed for a modern world. "