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Dwell, Adorn, Dine

When the leaves start to change and our nights lengthen we say farewell to summers tranquility, with its soothing warmth and easy sun. Yet in the metamorphosis of the seasons we do not experience a loss but an exchange. What is surrendered in azure skies is gained in lucent fires; and the shortage of fresh berries is reconciled by the sundry of plump damsons. When the season has settled, once again we can practice the rituals of colder months that have not been observed for some time, and in doing so we discover what has been forgotten of the season’s charms. 

With the shift in seasons, there is a renewed focus on the local – the change of weather invites us indoors with the prospect of nourishing meals and lingering evenings wrapped in candle light. This is not the season of minimalism. Fortify the dining occasion with rich flavors and intricate courses, and adorn the table to match the occasion. This is the time to make an event of an otherwise everyday meal. Look to nature for all the inspiration you need to curate a sprightly tablescape; the honeyed yellow of witch hazel and the verdant green of eucalyptus embody the charming hues of the season as well as the abundance nature has to offer at this time of year. Invite the flicker of candle light to illuminate the layers of your tablescapehandmade linens in contrasting colors layered beneath handmade ceramics which stand amongst glasses tall and small. This table will be a sensory scene; textures intermingle as the suppleness of linen rubs against the coarse tactility of earthenware, and dulcet tones dance around you as you move through the night.  All these elements come together in effortless harmony and create a beautiful backdrop for entertaining to last you through the season of long evenings. 

Hero Image Credit: Cherine Jokhdar
Styling by Sarah Al Dabbagh
"The change of weather invites you indoors, and calms you with the prospect of nourishing dinners and lingering evenings spent in candle light."
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