Our Story

In 2014, our founder saw an opportunity to bring the wellness conversation and community, that she grew to know intimately while living in Los Angeles, back to her home in Saudi Arabia by connecting the women of Riyadh to a network of wellness authorities and discoveries across four important pillars of our lives.

Since the launch of &YOU, we have had the opportunity to work with clients across all four pillars of this offering – and with amazing talent from around the world – learning that the greatest form of empowerment comes from sharing and reinforcing these principles in simple, accessible and actionable ways. It is the small, daily investments in ourselves that bring the greatest transformation.

&YOU is an invitation to invest in yourself.


The A List is a platform to share the stories and discoveries that inspire us, spotlighting the new and the niche alongside some of our timeless favorites. We hope that every woman who enters our world will take inspiration from our curation and view each story as a resource. Our dream is to distill a world of empowerment into daily rituals centered around you. 

Put yourself on your list.
Invest in yourself.
Embrace change.
Look forward.


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