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Sculptural Serenity

Not many individuals have the luxury of an Albert Giacometti or a Barbara Hepworth furnishing their home – but works of art come in many forms. Exquisite sculptures seamlessly become the centrepiece of a room – or even a whole dwelling – and through their beauty emerge as a kind of decorative heart, around which other objects assemble. By accenting your space with sculptural pieces you also infuse it with a dynamic energy. The most sublime painting can only sit statically on a wall but a piece that has curves, crooks and presence interacts with the objects around it – forging a life for itself within your home. A sculptural piece can help you to reimagine even the most familiar space.

Although sculpture has connotations of artistry and size that suggest they belong within the plain of maximalism, sculptural objects come in many forms and do not adhere to a singular aesthetic. Sculptures can make their home anywhere – wether that be in a Scandinavian Cabin or a Baroque Palazzo. Flair is not only for the decorous, and even the most minimalist of spaces can be elevated by a sublime object d’art. Think of an oversized ceramic vase laden with fresh lilies, a kaleidoscopic glass bowl, or a smooth brass lamp that draws all the elements of the room together under its ambient glow. You don’t have to be an avant-garde artist or erudite collector to add some sculptural accents to your home – shop our edit of objects that will beautifully dramatise your space.

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"Sculptural objects become the centrepiece of a room, and their inherent beauty frames them as the decorative heart of a space."