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If the kitchen is the heart of a home, then the dining room is its soul. More than just a place to dine, it’s a place to gather, to connect, to celebrate and to share. Rather than wait for a holiday or a birthday to gather with our loved ones – we believe in celebrating these small moments everyday.

The ubiquity of global influence settles itself in our kitchens without us realizing. It permeates our palates and the food we choose to make. And what is more, with growing availability of obscure ingredients we can with greater ease replicate dining experiences from across the world within our homes. Although eating might be habitual, cooking and dining shouldn’t be: they are experiences that demand us to take time out of our day to care for ourselves and those around us, providing nourishment and yielding to the call for self care.

The transportive potential of travel assumes one of its most tangible roles in our outlook on food; as we summon up memories of places visited we are reminded to infuse our dinners with the flavors, implements, and tablewares of far flung localities. Beyond the meals we create, the spaces we curate play a vital role in bringing the world home; the eclectic and nomadic tablewares amassed from various sojourns contribute to a global essence in a local setting ever enriching our daily lives. Nothing need match, the vibrance and whimsy of disarrayed pieces combine to impart a visual feast.

The humility and communality of sharing a meal marks itself in our minds, and the act of eating transcends physical nourishment: with sumptuous Aleppo peppers, Moroccan tagines and ash wood servers gathered from your sojourns you can set the table for an evening of sustenance that feeds your entire being. Your travels may have a conclusion, but your journey is continual. 

Hero Photo Credit: Amanny Ahmad
"Nothing need match, the vibrance and whimsy of disarrayed pieces combine to impart a visual feast."
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