Planetaria Standing Lamp

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Inspired by geometric shapes, celestial bodies, organic material, and soft linear form, the Planetaria Floor Lamp is an exclusive extension of the designer’s Planetaria Collection.

The sculpture’s delicate metalwork imitates the elegant branches of a weeping willow tree, while the light itself represents an exploration of the globe in relation to the cosmos – the planets and their orbital movements. Two spheres encase a reflective glass orb that emit illumination, conjuring a seed with its protective outer shell. The lamp is further enhanced by the reflections and refractions of light that ricochet off the central clear glass orb, illuminating the brass sphere like a blazing star in the night sky.

This piece has a 4 week lead time for production and finishing.

Unique finish & colorway unique to &YOU

Item Requires Special Delivery

Please note that for the moment, we cannot ship this item outside of the UK / KSA.

Material: Brass & Glass

Dimensions: L 66cm x W 40cm x H 161cm

Care Details: The Light Is Illuminated By 12 V Led Lights And Has Dimmable Switch. It Comes With A European Plug. The Light Is Not Certified And Is Sold As An Illuminated Art Piece.

London-based designer Lara Bohinc is trained in Industrial Design, metalwork and Jewelry - her work fuses modernity with function, embracing the tenuous space between fine art and practicality to bring artistry into everyday life. By juxtaposing geometric shapes with soft linear forms, Bohinc creates serene contrast for an aesthetic that is bold yet light, graphic yet fluid, and angular yet feminine. With a shared interest in the poetics of form and function, we were inevitably drawn to collaborate with Lara and our collection of her pieces is an exclusive extension of her Planetaria Collection - which embodies both the celestial and organic and will bring an essence of the cosmos into your world at home. 

United Kingdom: 2-3 working days – £5
Europe: 3-5 working days – £15
USA, Canada & Australia: 3-5 working days – £25
Gulf Countries: 5-10 working days – £40

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