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Unconventional Vases & Vessels

There is a universal appeal to the appearance of freshly cut flowers in a vase. The organic beauty of flora at once breathes life into a space and even when they begin to wilt, their melancholic stems and wrinkled petals serves as a reminder of the delicacy and transience of natural forms. Things need not last forever, there can be an allure in the fleeting; impermanence makes us mindful of more enduring aspects of our life. 

And when it comes to adorning your space, flowers are not the only organic form that can ornament your home. The unconventional use of a vase is an easy way to reimagine the space around you: colorful candlesticks, seashells from storied travels and seasonal fruit all assume the status of decoration when placed in an enduring vase or vessel. 

Think beyond the ordinary and find pleasing new ways to display the otherwise mundane. An alternative to the traditional vase is the avant-garde vessels; large ceramics and flattened brass canisters are exquisite entities that similarly furnish you with an ornamental blank canvas. Paint them with dried petals that colorfully fill a shallow glass container or large green leaves which compliment a textured earthenware bowl – adorn your space with one-of-a-kind vessels to furnish your home with intricate detailing. With such alluring materials as colored glass, textured ceramics and smooth brass why settle on one?  The intermingling of different surfaces elevates each object as their idiosyncrasies radiate with greater beauty when sat amongst vessels of variety. Look at your space with fresh eyes and consider what vases and vessels could adorn your space. 

"Look at your space with fresh eyes and consider what vases and vessels could adorn your space."