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The Gift Edit

Expressions of love exist in many forms – such demonstrations of fellow feeling can be small or large. The beauty of these sentiments is that there is no singular way to communicate or experience them. The art of gifting not only considers the item itself but what it says about your connection to its recipient. The object is a physical reminder of shared understanding, a commitment to knowing that person, and a delight in giving something to bring them joy. Although there are many occasions when we take time to exchange gifts, we do not need to wait for a particular date to celebrate someone – their enduring importance is reason enough. 

The desire to give comes easy, but deciding on the perfect gift isn’t always so simple. An infallible mantra when it comes to giving is that if you are tempted to keep it for yourself, it is probably an excellent gift. Alternatively, look to their style and spirit to guide you to something that that they will treasure forever. We all know a fiendish gourmand, who loves to host sumptuous dinners and has an extensive collection of cookbooks; and then there is the horticulturist who has nimble green fingers and somehow remembers the taxonomy of exotic plants; and of course the aesthete who devours articles on design and has an impeccably curated home. With a little help from our edit, make an impression on your friends and family with a gift to match their lovable idiosyncrasies. 

"A gift is not just an object given, but a symbol of your connection to a person and their enduring importance."
The Gourmand
The Horticulturist
The Avant Garde
The Conscientious Collector
The Aesthete