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Essentials to Elevate the Everyday

Our mission is to illuminate a different way of thinking about the objects we live with and the spaces we inhabit.

The most important journeys begin close to home, and the smallest intentions can come to bear the greatest transformations. Take time to consider the appeals of your mind and body, and with an attentive ear you will encounter the world around you with renewed energy. Investing in yourself offers untold wealth.

Our homes are our second body: although they exist outside of us they serve us in the same way, providing a constant place of nourishment and rest. Just as we sustain and ornament ourselves we should act in kind with regards to our sanctuary – by taking care of the spaces around us we, in turn, take care of ourselves. We believe that cherishing your body and home are part of the same essential responsibility to invest in yourself. Through simple actions like steeping tea in a handcrafted cup, or thoughtful decorative decisions like finding a bouquet of dried flowers to put in an ornamental vase, we infuse our daily living with a vitality that can make us more considerate of our surroundings and inspire us to elevate the everyday.

We have curated a selection of everyday essentials chosen with a reverence for craftsmanship and provenance; highlighting the artistry of both emerging and distinguished designers with the intention to illuminate their stories so we can dwell in greater understanding of the world around us.

With you in mind, we have designed a space to shop objects to enrich the fabric of your daily life.

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