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Studio Kyss Copper Mugs

In all kitchen cupboards, there is always that one cup we instinctively reach for. With this custom in mind Kenny Yong-Soo Son – the founder of Studio Kyss – creates objects that have a life. They have been made with purpose, and exist to be cherished and used. These Copper Cups embody this philosophy that carefully combines form and function.

Although their artful composition might tempt you to keep them as an decorative feature these Copper Cups are a utensil intended to add value to your daily routines. When an object transcends ornamentation, and weaves itself into the fabric of your life it becomes infused with a purpose and significance that ensures its longevity. Studio Kyss creations examine this connection between the decorative and the practical, as such forming pieces that surpass conventional design.

These Copper Cups can hold an array of concoctions – choose to fill it up with water, tea or even a spritz. The metallic glint of the metal elevates this simple vessel to something exquisite. This object is yours and will also come to bear makes of you, and your life. Studio Kyss pieces are made from naturally finished metal, as such oxidisation is a natural part of the ageing process. From the object leaving the workshop to entering your home the best care is taken in handling these pieces so that the patination process will only begin once they reach their final destination. Studio Kyss understands that cherishing an object is not a symptom of materialism, rather it is symbolic of what is of importance to you in the everyday. What objects do you treasure?

"The metallic glint of the copper offsets the minimalism of the cup’s structure. "