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Resolute to Renew

With the best of intentions, new rituals and routines can easily become lost in the tumult of everyday living. But certain moments in the year serve as an invitation to pause and reflect on which routines are serving you, which require more attention and which are no longer needed. Taking the time to ruminate over individual habits is important, as it can crystallize the essentials – you may find that an enduring ritual no longer serves to inspire you. The dissolution of a practice is just as meaningful as its formation and observance. It is humbling to acknowledge the changing needs of your environment and to treat beginnings and endings with the same reverence. 

At the start of the Gregorian New Year it is customary to think about the intentions we want to set, in the hope that these habits will inspire continual growth or ground us to prepare for even greater transformation. The most enduring rituals are those that sit in harmony with your everyday and are an extension of an embedded ethos. Rather than becoming new, you blossom a little more. Set resolutions that will help have a transformative effect on your everyday – here are five salubrious suggestions to renew the year with. 
"Let go of rituals that no longer serve you - it is humbling to acknowledge changing needs and to treat beginnings and endings with the same reverence."
A Ceremonial Elixir
Invest in Rest
Floral Composition