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Lustre and Twilight

In winter the natural world can be gloomy and cold, so we invite elements of warmth and sun inside and transform our spaces into places of light. The flickering glow of candlelight bestows a space with ambience and the gentle movement of the flame imparts a soft light that soothes all around.

Hosting in winter is a unique pleasure as you have the gift of elongated evenings and with cold shut out we can remake our homes as serene sanctuaries from the inclement earth outside.

Nights spent in lustre and twilight call for rich tablescapes of brassy tones, hand-stained leather and gilded ceramics. When we set the table we build from the linen up. Choose a favorite tablecloth, a new linen, or perhaps one that hasn’t seen the light since last winter – this is the base of your tablescape, so lay it down on the table and let the wrinkles fall away.

When you have the foundations to your table you can play with textures, color and light. Don’t let the darkness outside preclude you from using deep hues of forest, aubergine or charcoal for your table – these inky tones exalt the candlelight, glassware and fresh flowers on the table. Whether you are guided by convention or eccentricity laying a table is a chance to indulge in art for arts sake, to create something beautiful but fleeting. The impermanent beauty of an adorned space is honoured by the enduring memory of a cherished evening.

Some of our favorite pieces for this seasons tablescape include the Grasil Candleholder by AYTM, the Brass Vases by Studio Kyss and the Lustre Collection by 1882 LTD. Discover more and shop our edit.

"The impermanent beauty of an adorned space is honored by the enduring memory of a cherished evening."
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