Lightweight Linen Napkins in Charcoal


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A meal is more than an opportunity to nourish your body, embrace the ritual of dining and you will feed your soul as well. A way to do this is by slowing down and adorning your space – and these Linen Napkins are the perfect way to add an understated elegance to the everyday.

Pair with other styles in the our essentials or exclusive collection to showcase the textile’s versatility.

Each piece by Once Milano is hand cut, sewn and dyed by skilled craftsmen from the Veneto region. Nuances in the fabric such as intensity of the color add to the beauty of the object and are considered a part of its aesthetic appeal.


Material: Italian Linen

Dimensions: W 45cm x H 45cm

Care Details: For best results, wash at 30°, using gentle detergents, containing no bleach. Please wash matching colours together to maintain uniform appearance. For softer linen, tumble-drying is recommended at low temperatures.

For delivery within the United Kingdom: 2-3 working days

For delivery within the European Union: 3-5 working days

For delivery within the Gulf Countries: 5-10 working days

For delivery within USA, Canada & Australia: 3-5 working days


* Due to unforeseen delays that are caused by COVID-19 closures and staff shortages, we cannot guarantee these shipping windows but always endeavour to communicate if and when there are delays.

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