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The Power of Scent

Scent is our most evocative sense; it’s the closest thing to the emotional brain, powerful enough to awaken even our most dormant memories with the single strike of a match. Beyond the personal and the primitive, scent also carries the potential to transform our physical surroundings in ways that are as deliberate as they are diverse. An intentional fragrance can infuse a space with lightness and energy or create a sense of serenity and calm.

Whether warm and smoky, sweet or floral, the beauty of scent exists in its many layers and forms. While purists may take solace in the staunch simplicity of a single note, others are excited by unexpected fragrant plot twists, inviting the layers to unfold and fill the air with a symphony of notes.

From the tender, freshly picked bouquet of Cire Trudon’s signature scented Ernesto, to Boy Smells Cedar Stack which is softly bewitching in it unexpected and sweet woody scent, discover simple moments of pleasure in unexpected fragrance. Strike a match and let it linger – these intoxicating fragrances were made to draw you in and keep you close.

"Capture the essence of your most impressionable memories"