Abd El Kader Room Spray

Like a breath of fresh air, this aromatic mezze of mints and wild fruits transports you to the rugged hills of the Mascara Coast where mountain flowers grow alongside fruit brambles and herbs under the Mediterranean sun. Full of life, this signature best-seller, instantly invigorates your home with the scent of freshly torn spearmint thrown over wild blackcurrant, chopped apple and crushed ginger to cleanse the air and create a sense of nature, space and wanderlust.

Fragrance notes:
Head : spearmint, lemon-yellow, blackcurrant bud, apple, ginger, clove.
Heart : jasmine.
Base : vanilla.

Material: Glass

Dimensions: W 7cm x H 18.5cm

Care Details: Highly Flammable; Keep Away From Sources Of Ignition.


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