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Tender Tablescapes

Sharing food with people is one of the most soothing daily customs you can practice. It is a universal experience that can help us to disconnect from the day and reconnect with ourselves, and those around us. Although this practice is important it can too easily become methodical and unfeeling, just another point to check off our to do list.

We encourage you to honor the ritual of dining by investing in eclectic tableware that you enjoy setting out; by surrounding the practice of eating with objects you love to use you enrich the experience and lend it the importance it deserves. Mealtimes aren’t just about the food or the company but also about the atmosphere you create – you are feeding your being as well as your stomach.

For the minimalist we love Once Milano’s tender linens and the for maximalist we love the vibrant glassware of Laurence Brabant Editions. Whatever your eye, your taste or your hunger we want to appeal to your sentimentalism and encourage you to indulge in the artistry of laying a table. It doesn’t matter if it is dinner for one or twenty, this simple act of care is a beautiful way to practice tenderness.

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"Sitting and sharing food with people is one of the most soothing customs you can practice