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Sustainably Raffiné

Sometimes our choices are influenced by immediate needs, but it is worth taking a deeper look at the decisions we we make and the extent to which they affect our environment. In an era of abundant choice, we believe that there is something even better on the other side of more, for both ourselves and the planet – and that’s the luxury of less.

&YOU was founded on the intention for better living – and that includes the way we live and inhabit our planet. Our mission is not only to curate beautiful objects from around the world, but also to illuminate a different way of thinking about and living with them. Our edits hope to inspire you to take interest in the provenance of objects, and in their stories and designers. To foster a reverence for craftsmanship and techniques, as well as to develop an understanding of the needs of yourself and your space.

Getting back to our roots we reflect on the belief that daily rituals create the greatest transformation. By the same token, we believe that small, individual changes can have tremendous cumulative power. The luxury of less asks us to make small choices that can ultimately make a big difference. We wanted to celebrate our makers who are preserving the legacy of craft as well as the brands creating luxurious and thoughtful alternatives to everyday essentials proving that there is so much more in less.

"Illuminating new ways of thinking about and living with the objects in our space. "