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Ornamental Organization

With all the best intentions, it is impossible to keep our spaces looking pristine. Even if you live and breath organizational tidiness most of us have cohabitants that do not share our love of neatness. Or if you are the architect of mess yourself, then you know well the Sisyphean task of keeping an orderly home. There is also the issue of space which often leaves us no option but to store our various possessions under or behind things. Within a home, organizational features are of great importance whether we wish them to be or not.

Though the idea of shelving or built in draws may not delight your aesthetic imagination there are countless ways that you can coordinate your space without sacrificing an ounce of your vision and decor. Bookshelves, coffee tables and desks are all blank canvases asking to be adorned with beautiful vessels that have the double value of being both decorative and useful. Whether your eye is caught by a small glass jar or a sculptural bowl, all of these objects can become a place for you to store those endless odds and ends of life that clutter your home.

The cables that muddy your desk can be confined to a glass jar for when you need them, or the matches and candle paraphernalia that laces your bedside table can be neatly confined to one metal canister. Any empty object can be reimagined for the purpose of organization and be given new life in unexpected spaces.

We love the AYTM Tota Jar with brass lid for our coffee table, and the Paola Paronetto Paper Clay Bowl to hold knotted silk scarfs on our dressing table. Shop our editor of vessels to help give your space some organizational flair.

"Though the idea of shelving may not delight the aesthetic imagination, there are countless ways to organise your space without sacrificing an ounce of vision or flair."