925 Hendecagonal Tea Canister


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Tea is both universal and historic, with many cultures around the world having their own rituals surrounding it. This silver tea canister pays tribute to the enduring importance of a drink that is both comfort and elixir.

Studio Kyss objects are made from naturally finished metal and so oxidisation is a natural part of the ageing process. The best care is taken in the handling of these pieces before they reach you, as such the patination process will only begin with their rightful owner.

Once in their new home, and to ensure the beautiful ageing process of your piece it is recommended that you wipe away any excess moisture and do not touch the objects with moist or greasy hands.

Material: 925 Silver

Dimensions: L 8cm x W 7cm x H 7cm

Care Details: Wipe away any excess moisture with a dry cloth and do not touch the objects with moist or greasy hands.

Kenny Son founded Studio Kyss in 2013 with the intention to create objects that have life - these pieces should not exist solely as ornamentation but also add significance and value to everyday spaces and living. When a piece interacts both physically and emotionally with the person who possesses it, that object is granted with a significance that ensures its longevity. Based in Sydney Studio Kyss is an independent design studio that looks to transcend conventional design and examine the ground between decorative and functional objects. 

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USA, Canada & Australia: 3-5 working days – £25
Gulf Countries: 5-10 working days – £40

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*Due to unforeseen delays that are caused by COVID-19 closures and staff shortages, we cannot guarantee these shipping windows but always endeavour to communicate if and when there are delays.

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