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Lara Bohinc x &YOU

Great design invites us to explore our relationship and response to our environment, yet we are particularly intrigued by experimental expressions of this dialogue – the artists and designers who challenge us to rethink our traditional perceptions of ordinary, everyday objects. With a shared interest in the poetics of form and function, it was natural that we were drawn to London-based designer Lara Bohinc and her signature style of contradictions. By juxtaposing geometric shapes with soft linear forms, Bohinc creates complementary contrast for an aesthetic that is bold yet light, graphic yet fluid, and angular yet feminine. Her work fuses modernity with function, embracing the tenuous space between fine art and everyday practicality to bring art into everyday life.

The collaboration is an exclusive extension of Bohinc’s Planetaria Collection, an homage to the cosmos, touring the ethereal world beyond our planet’s sky.  The use of spherical forms are simultaneously ancient and futuristic, exploring the concepts of time and distance as an illusion, in addition to humanity’s projection of an otherworldly afterlife. 

With an exceptional knowledge of industrial techniques and processes (trained in industrial design with an MA in Metalwork and Jewelry), Bohinc works frequently with steel and brass, exploring the versatility and sustainability of metal as a material. The same principles apply to all of her designs – the use of the finest materials, and an obsession with deconstruction and reconfiguration of pure geometric form. The designer’s delicate metalwork recalls the bold shapes, streamlined curves and geometric motifs of Art Deco, contrasted with soft curves and linear forms that exude feminine splendor. All of her pieces are made by hand in small artisanal workshops in Portugal, combining traditional craft and modern technology.

A refined statement piece for any living space, each piece in the collaboration embodies both the celestial and the organic. We are delighted to have collaborated with Lara Bohinc to bring the sublime essence of the cosmos into your world at home