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Impressions: Mallorca | Es Racó

Island life has an endless appeal: to be enwrapped by the sea and to be surrounded by expanses of beach has a calm beauty which easily charms. Beyond the carefree beaches, the green land unfolds itself as you walk away from the ocean promising that there is more to experience as you venture inland. Mallorca is a favourite island of ours, it charmed us long ago, and we love to escape here in the summer months.

Here the mountainous Serra de Tramuntana region in the west is calmed by the vast and fertile agricultural plains in the centre, and these are eventually met by the blissful sandy beaches along the coast. On our most recent sojourn we discovered Es Racó which celebrates this natural landscape and strives to preserve the legacy of the surrounding environment. Es Racó is located near Artà and it has been a part of the land since the 13th century. For many years it operated purely as an agricultural estate, but with the ingenious eye of architect Antoni Esteve and his longtime building partner Jaume Danús, this space has been transformed into a retreat that cares for both the people who visit and the earth around it.

Inspired by and in step with the natural world, Antoni and Jaume have used completely natural and recycled materials in their restoration the buildings. The harmonious and ecological approach does not end there: the land is still a working farm that includes a 14 acre vineyard as well as olive, fruit, and vegetable gardens that provide Es Racó’s kitchen with most of the ingredients they need; and Antoni’s daughter Rosa Esteve and his son Tomeu Esteve helped to complete the uniforms and interiors in a way that felt in balance with nature and reflected the tranquility of the space.

The calming textures and natural hues that run through the rooms of Es Racó reflect its purpose as a space – to create a place where people can focus on their holistic well-being through fostering a greater connection to the world around them, and therefore, themselves. Sometimes all it takes is some silence in which you can reflect and rejuvenate, and Es Racó has beautifully curated a space where all falls silent.