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Impressions: Shreeji Newsagents

The proprietor of Shreeji Newsagents bought it in 1982, from his neighbors who he helped to run the shop during his school holidays. Sandeep Garg was born in India but moved to London with his family when he was 12. The time he spent at Shreeji made him realize how he loved being around magazines and customers who were avidly interested in them. Under his eye Shreeji has evolved from a traditional newsagents to a highly curated shop of niche publications and avant-garde magazines. Most recently the newsagent has undergone an architectural transformation for which Sandeep partnered with designer Gabriel Chipperfield, and his studio Selected Work.

Attuned to the interests of Shreeji’s eclectic but discerning cliental, Chipperfield re-designed the space to expand upon the shop and create rooms for reading, learning and gathering. Shreeji now has a kiosk for patrons to get their morning tea or coffee, a library to explore their collection of publications, and an extended basement space for events and exhibitions which has just hosted an artist in residence.

Constructed by Chipperfield, the renewed Shreeji interior was curated by Laura de Gunzburg – who has imbued the space with a feeling of calm luxury. The velveteen shelves in hues of green and gold are contrasted by the washed out walls and the natural wooden floorboards. Gunzburg has designed the perfect library space: you feel like you should tread lightly and handle things carefully yet the beauty and peace of it does not feel overbearing but inviting – you want to exist in luxurious quiet with your coffee and magazine.

Most newsagents serve us well but few are space for conversation and insight. Shreeji is a thoughtful and impeccably designed space where you become a part of dialogues on design, art, culture and contemporary thought. When we want to see chic locals getting their morning coffee, discover new publications and get interior inspiration – we go to Shreeji.

Our curation of reading corner essentials for when we return from Shreeji: