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High Contrast Tableware

If the kitchen is the heart of a home, then the dining room is its soul. More than just a place to dine, it’s a place to gather, to connect, to celebrate and to share. Rather than wait for a holiday or a birthday to gather – we believe in celebrating these small moments everyday. We hope to spotlight simple ways to make a big impression in the dining room, and help transform your everyday meals into memories.

Tableware is an essential component to every meal and gathering. Why shouldn’t the objects we choose to dine on, have as much personality as the guests we choose to dine with? A table dressed in simple, high contrast shapes creates a bold statement that doesn’t overpower the atmosphere.

For British ceramics company 1882LTD contrast is conveyed through the precision of color and design which is attained by collaborating with various artisans and designers. With influences ranging from furniture design to painting, 1882LTD ceramics have influences from a variety of disciplines which encourage the practice to transcend the conventional. In New York, Apparatus Studio achieves contrast by combining sensual materials such as marble, suede, horsehair, lacquer and porcelain to create complimentary yet contradicting combinations. Below, a curated selection of high contrast tableware from the designers who have mastered the balancing act of pairing bold and neutral aesthetics.

"Dining with one's friends and beloved family is certainly one of life's primal and most innocent delights, one that is both soul-satisfying and eternal. – Julia Child"
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