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Insouciant is the art of making the intentional look effortless. To master it at home typically requires careful consideration and artful planning – which is where we begin our enduring case for linen. Natural, versatile, and made to last, linen has an inherent respect spun into its thread. Few accessories, if any, are a match for its lived-in luxury look and timeless appeal. It’s a textile to fall in love with over and over again as you discover ways to integrate it into every corner of your home, from the dining table to the bedroom.

Made from flax, linen is one of the oldest fibers in history, dating back to 8000 BC. Ancient Egyptians used it as currency, and buried pharaohs in it. The production of linen represents old-world craftsmanship, a painstaking process that was done entirely by hand. Linen even earned prestige from early Botanists who coined the Latin name for flax: Linum usitatissimum, meaning “most useful linen.” It’s stronger wet than dry, cool to the touch in the summer and gets softer with every wash. It’s twice as durable as cotton, naturally hypoallergenic and fully biodegradable. The wrinkles, creases and lines are natural nuances that become even more perfectly imperfect over time.

Above all, linen is made to be lived in and loved. From Summerill & Bishop’s hand-painted Italian linen cushions to Once Milano’s range of breathable bedding, we’ve assembled some of our favorite purveyors of the textile and below are some simple ways to integrate it into your world at home.

"Our enduring case for linen, and how to incorporate it into every room in your home."
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