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Elevate the Everyday: Power Showers

In an age of distraction, there are few luxuries as precious as solitude. Time alone can be one of the most beneficial forms of self care, yet for many of us, it is also scarce. That’s why we must make the most of these moments as they occur, even in small doses – namely, the shower. Not only is this often the most relaxing part of the day, it’s also one of the few remaining sacred spaces for blissful solitude. 

Standing beneath the fall of hot water cascading down our skin, lathered in a soapy cloud while aromatics bloom in the steam, we are free from technology and distraction and the mind can begin to flow freely. When our minds are at ease, we are more likely to direct our attention inward and reacquaint ourselves with our own mind. Time disappears. Stress and pain dissolve. A feeling of well-being washes over, enhancing relaxation and heightening our intuition. 

Water is an elemental example of energy flow – it falls from the sky, passes through rocks, carves its way down mountainsides, and yet is still somehow gentle enough to smooth stones into sand. When the mind can wander as freely as water flows, it enables us to tap into our inner consciousness and explore the mind’s uncharted territory. 

Elevating the physical space where this cherished solo-time occurs is another way to honor solitude and even transform your mood. Whether it’s as simple as adding a luxurious scented soap, a special towel or new ritual to your routine, or a decision to redesign with handmade tiles or install a complete waterfall shower system, your space should be a sanctuary that you’ll look forward to returning to. Transform your shower into an oasis of inspiration with these scented soaps, energizing scrubs and rejuvenating accessories. Turn on the water, tap into your inner consciousness and let the inspiration start to flow. 
"Inspiration flows under water. "