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Desk Etiquette

Much of our happiness and health is grounded in the commonplace – the small daily rituals that keep our ideas, and our lives, in motion. This notion is especially true in our workspace which for many serves as a modern command centre, overseeing the daily operations of both our personal and professional life. What happens at our desk defines our day – it is the foundation for connections, where ideas are born and milestones are achieved. From the architecture to the ambiance, down to the details on the desk, the objects that we choose to adorn our workspaces inform our process. A substantial office environment effectively sets the tone and intention for our daily rituals and routines.

To help you tackle your to-do lists, we brought together objects that will elevate everyday tasks and add both substance and style to your office scheme. Through bold forms and refined materials our edit of desk accessories aims to celebrate rather than conceal their functionality.

Mix and match different textures, tones and shapes to add a hint of playfulness to a traditionally formal space. To offset the minimalism of Ferm Living’s Herman Magazine stand infuse accessories like the Nude Glass Ecrin box. An unconventional floral arrangement or a delicate table lamp adds a final touch to bring the room to life.

Whether you seek to create an oasis for the creative spirit or a sanctuary for strategic thought, create the setting for a week of daily rituals aided by these stylish and substantial office accessories.

"Elevate your desk decor with a curate edit of desirable office accessories"