Toothbrush Holder by The White Company
ObjectsToothbrush Holder by The White Company
Things to Learn & Do
ObjectsThings to Learn & DoChannel your energy into one of the activities on this list of things to learn and do, thoughtfully compiled to help you optimize your down time and add value to your life in the long-term.Read More
Taiana Giefer x &YOU
ObjectsTaiana Giefer x &YOUTaiana Giefer’s novel approach to ancient wool felting techniques has given the material a fresh voice in the modern textiles landscape through her collection of wall hangings and tapestries. After almost a decade of crafting textiles for the fashion industry, this exclusive collaboration for &YOU is part of her first foray into the world of art and home interiors. Read More
Sustainably Raffiné
ObjectsSustainably RaffinéGetting back to our roots this Earth month, we reflect on our belief that small, daily rituals create the greatest transformation.Read More
Surroundings: Patio House on Karpathos
ObjectsSurroundings: Patio House on KarpathosProtruding from the rocky cliffside on the island of Karpathos, this stunning holiday home echos the island's simple and unrefined beauty.Read More
Surroundings: Cabin at Longbranch
ObjectsSurroundings: Cabin at Longbranch
Stone Age
ObjectsStone AgeMeet the modern architects, designers and makers who are developing innovative and unexpected new ways to work with stone, designed for a modern world.Read More
Once Milano x &YOU
ObjectsOnce Milano x &YOUAnchored in a love for traditional Italian linen, Once Milano upholds an ethos where all items are made with care and detail, where tradition is more important than trend, and there is a purpose to every piece. We are delighted to have collaborated with Once Milano to bring this philosophy to life in an exclusive collection of linens for &YOU.Read More
Net Light by Paolo Ulian
ObjectsNet Light by Paolo Ulian
Lina Saleh x &YOU
ObjectsLina Saleh x &YOUThe objects and accessories chosen to outfit a home are otherwise extensions of its inhabitants. With the shared belief in the ability for objects to communicate culture and shared experience, we are delighted to have collaborated with designer Lina Saleh to bring this philosophy to life in an exclusive collaboration for &YOU. Read More
World at Home
ObjectsWorld at HomeThe places you travel to can come to hold an indelible place in your home. Let the vibrancy of new things felt and experienced infuse your everyday existence, reside in the world at home. Read More
Third Eye Vessel – Chen Chen & Kai Williams
ObjectsThird Eye Vessel – Chen Chen & Kai Williams
The Rejuvenating Power of Plants
ObjectsThe Rejuvenating Power of PlantsShown to boost moods, increase creativity, and reduce stress, the modern houseplant is not merely aesthetically pleasing, but beneficial to our well-being.Read More
Tablescapes: Summer Soirées
ObjectsTablescapes: Summer SoiréesThis summer, embrace eclecticism. Eschew the traditional table decor for accessories that accent the essence of the season. Shop our selection of stand out pieces for this summer’s spontaneous entertaining.Read More
Surroundings: Renaissance, Reinvented
ObjectsSurroundings: Renaissance, ReinventedOld architecture finds new light amidst contemporary elements that pushes the boundaries of the interior without destroying its history and spirit.Read More
Surroundings: Iconic California Modernism
ObjectsSurroundings: Iconic California ModernismCapture the appeal of quintessential California modernism with an enduring edit of one-of-a-kind furnishings and adornments.Read More
Stylish and Spirited, Kim Soo Home
ObjectsStylish and Spirited, Kim Soo Home
Scents of Place
ObjectsScents of PlaceMemories are susceptible to change but the recollection a fragrance can summon is intuitive, let heady scents of place transport you to another time and country. Read More
Nomadic Tableware
ObjectsNomadic TablewareBring the world home with nomadic tableware; an edit of eclectic tabletop decor and objects for entertaining.Read More
Meet Avoa: The Perfect Dining Chair from Matter Made
ObjectsMeet Avoa: The Perfect Dining Chair from Matter Made
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