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Taiana Giefer x &YOU

There’s a sense of warmth, serenity and infinite beauty to be found in the natural world, and we hold great admiration for artists and designers who explore our inextricable connection to mother earth’s intangible splendor. Taiana Giefer is one such artist whose creative process is not merely informed by the natural environment, but immersed in the alchemical possibilities of organic material. Her novel approach to ancient wool felting techniques has given the material a fresh voice in the modern textiles landscape through her collection of wall hangings and tapestries. After almost a decade of crafting textiles for the fashion industry, this collaboration is part of her first foray into the world of art and home interiors.

Inspired by the unexpected coalescence of diverse flora and earth matter throughout the plant kingdom, the collaboration explores the evolution of living form as it transpires through time and seasons. Each tapestry in the collection represents a distinct garden landscape in homage to the quadrilateral garden layout of Charbagh. A love song to nature’s harmony, the collection captures the extraordinary beauty of the landscape and its ever-changing kaleidoscope during sunrise, sunset, and the seasons. 


Using carefully sourced Merino wool from humanely raised sheep from Oregon and the Falkland Islands, Giefer employs a series of traditional agitation techniques, layering and sculpting the wool fibers together over a span of hours or days depending on the desired design’s intricacy. When repeated over and over this alchemical process causes the wool fibers to lock together to form the fabric known as felt. Creating the growth like texture of the tapestries involves a combination of needle felting and raw wool sculpting, to create a series of layers


A beautiful statement piece that is all at once organic and refined, the collection captures the warmth of the natural world to bring the essence of Charbagh alive. We are delighted to have collaborated with Taiana Giefer to bring these alchemical pieces to life and into your world at home.