Escapes Sirai House, Kenya
Just when we thought Kenya had been covered, that this stunning destination had no more surprises left for us, we hear whispers of an exclusive lodge sitting pretty high atop the Borana Conservancy in Laikipia, and we want to discover it all over again…

For years Kenya has dazzled us with star-strewn skies, exotic wildlife and incomparable luxury, and it seems this destination isn’t finished with us yet, thanks to a little place called Sirai House.


Sirai House. It’s a name few people are familiar with, and we’re suffering from a touch of guilt in spreading the word, but we trust you to keep a secret. Home to just six guest suites that each boasts endless views in every direction, this lodge epitomises the true luxe escape. In terms of location, you’re sat on the slopes of Mount Kenya, and perfectly situated for wildlife spotting, horseback safaris and picnics under Africa’s endless skies. With each stay, you’ve got access to guided wilderness walks, 4X4 safaris and use of the stables, so trust us when we say there’s never a dull moment.

And then, amongst all of this, it was the suites that really took our breath away. Think roll-top bathtubs overlooking Kenya’s richest landscapes, private infinity pools whose waters seem to flow right into the pastel skies, and carefully chosen, locally made furniture. The fact you might spot an elephant or cheetah from your private terrace is just an added plus in this spectacular property, whose endless delights will astound you every day.


The landscapes that surround Sirai House are so wild, so stunning, you’ll feel yourself inspired as soon as you open your eyes and look out across the uninterrupted views, but the skies above you will take that feeling to another level completely. As the sun sets, allow Sirai House to organise your picnic under the stars. As you sip on champagne and dine on gourmet delights, look up to the galaxies and shooting stars above you and experience a feeling of true connection to this beautiful, remote, spinning planet that we call home.


Few places have such a dynamic menu as Sirai House. Need a menu tailored to your specific tastes and nutritional needs? Consider it done. Happy to let the local chefs take charge and serve up authentic yet modern local dishes? No problem. The only thing that never changes is the incredible quality and burst of intense flavour in every mouthful.


Not far from Sirai House is Lake Bogoria, a natural marvel that’s home to one of the world’s largest populations of flamingos. Hop aboard your private bi-plane and see the shimmer of pink movement from above as the birds take flight.


Amongst its many other luxuries, Sirai House boasts stables that are home to wonderfully schooled Boerperd x Friesian and South African thoroughbred horses and is run by world-class equestrian specialists. Horseback riding is an incredibly peaceful way of exploring the bush, and depending on your ability, you can take it as fast or slow as you’d like. In spending some time away from the safari vehicles, you’ll enjoy a purity of experience so very rare in our ever-evolving modern world. It’s just you, the landscapes and the horses.

"For years Kenya has dazzled us with star-strewn skies, exotic wildlife and incomparable luxury, and it seems this destination isn’t finished with us yet, thanks to a little place called Sirai House."
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