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The Neo Collection by Apparatus Studio

Apparatus Studio have never been bound by convention or circumstance. From their inception as a company built from home, to their nascency as a brand that specialised in lighting, their evolution has not been corned into any singular discipline or aesthetic. This is exemplified in their Neo Collection – including both the Lantern and Vessel – which are a homage to ceremonial objects from antiquity.

The beauty of the Neo Lantern and Vessel lies in their simplicity. Unclad of any extraneous parts these objects embody only their essential raison d’être. In putting function at the core of the design for the Neo Collection, Apparatus Studio recalls the utility of ancient objects and the rituals they would have been used in. What is more, by using marble to cast the collection they become endowed with a sense of permanence that situates them in dialogue with the historical objects they were inspired by, and the timeless artefacts they themselves will become.

The Neo Vessel is made to carry, and the Neo Lantern to illuminate. Apparatus Studio helps to pose the question: why should we demand our objects to do more when they can do less, and do so sublimely.

"A homage to ceremonial objects from antiquity."