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Lina Saleh x &YOU

The objects and accessories chosen to outfit a home are otherwise extensions of its inhabitants, and a reflection of their intentions of living. Saudi-Italian designer Lina Saleh brings this philosophy to life in an exclusive collaboration with &YOU. Using design to understand cultural and human experiences, Saleh aims to challenge conventional notions of functionality to shape the future of interaction.

Inspired by the luxuriant vegetation, diverse flora, and details of organic matter found in the four gardens of paradise, Lina Saleh’s delicate porcelain stacking plates explore the duality between structural and organic form. The diverse shape of each plate creates a sculptural collection when joined together, recalling the coalescence of perfection and imperfection in humanity, the symbiosis of life and afterlife – and the elemental harmony that awaits in the promised paradise.

With the combined knowledge of both commercial and creative product design (trained at Central Saint Martins and Royal College of Art, respectively), Lina Saleh fuses human experience with functionality to turn everyday objects into dynamic encounters. She explores material application in her work, employing techniques of traditional craftsmanship in the process to emphasize the importance of production methods in achieving an object’s final form.  

An exploration of the relationship between artisanship and fine dining, these exquisitely hand crafted stacking plates are designed to have a profound effect on the sensory experience. We are delighted to have collaborated with Lina Saleh to bring these delicate pieces to life and into your world at home.