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Staples Invest in Yourself
Your future begins with how you choose to invest in yourself today.

&YOU turned one this year, and like many of you, we are so busy trying to plan for the present and prepare for the future that we often forget to look back. Milestones remind us that progress is the result of our small daily efforts – no matter how ordinary or insignificant they may seem at the time.

Modern life moves fast – we give ourselves daily to busy schedules and long to do lists. We nourish our friendships and care for our loved ones. What little time is left, we rarely invest in ourselves. We dismiss any act of self-care as an indulgence – not an investment.

Though there is something to be said for giving fully to the mainstays of life, you must also make time to nourish the center of it – YOU. Only when you feel your best, are you able to give your best to the world and those around you.

So allow yourself to spend your time in ways that nourish your curiosities. Dream big. Make time for the things you’ve always wished you had more time for. Begin to notice the thoughts that you used to ignore. Discover your strengths. Expect more from yourself, each and every day. Your future begins with how you choose to invest in yourself today.

Over the past year, we have been scouring the globe, collecting stories, discovering the new and the niche, and honoring our timeless favorites. Our dream is to distill a world of empowerment into small, daily rituals centered around you – beginning by sharing some of our latest discoveries, tools and mantras that elevate the everyday in a meaningful way.

To the many women in our world who give continuously, naturally and fully – we give you permission to invest in yourself.

After all – it’s the small, daily investments that create the greatest transformation.

"The small, daily investments create the greatest transformation."