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As we move and grow through life, we recall on the defining moments that have dramatically shifted our perspective and understanding of the world. Sometimes it’s a teacher’s wisdom, or advice from a parent or friend. Sometimes it’s a movie script or the lyrics from a song. Sometimes it’s a book that changes how you think forever.

Like many of you, we keep a list of new titles queued in our mind, embracing any unexpected downtime to give us more time to read. Then there are the books that we return to, the ones that know us best. They are modern masters of inspiration, education, and self-empowerment, imparting us with wisdom and thoughtfully consuming us as we consume them.

If, like us, you’re searching for ways to be challenged, inspired, informed and transformed, you’ll want to add these expansive titles to your list, along with the essential accoutrements to set the mood and inspire you to make time to work on becoming a better you.

"Sometimes it’s a book that changes how you think forever. "
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