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Objects Escape Essentials: Desert Oasis
Invite the magic of the desert into your home with a homeware edit inspired by our visit to Al-Ula, a UNESCO World Heritage site in the heart of the Saudi desert.

We set off in search of magic. Drawn to the mystery of the Saudi desert and with daydreams of warmth and solitude in mind, we boarded the short flight from Jeddah to the ancient city of Al-Ula. What we discovered, however, was more than magic – a kind of romance that must be experienced before it can be understood.

Colors become cornerstone in the absence of landscape. The morning’s sun sets fire to the golden sand beneath the cloudless cobalt skies. But perhaps the most magnetic feature of Al-Ula, aside from its desert palette, is the omnipresent tie to the culture of its inhabitants. What was once a bustling caravan town shaped by the famed incense trading route, is now all but obsolete. The region’s golden sandstone cliffs, desert oases and walled city remain a place of mystery; a well preserved yet forgotten enclave of history.

The novelty of parts unknown and pasts forgotten are part of Al-Ula’s allure. For many, travel can be as much about discovering inspiration in the unfamiliar as it is about rousing the senses and inspiring the next adventure. It’s not always about the places we’ve been, but about how they have shaped us, even long after we have returned home.

Invite the magic into your home with an edit inspired by our visit to the heart of the Saudi desert. From the colorful, distinct design of Istalifi pottery that celebrates a 400-year-old tradition, to the intricate geometric patterns woven into Zeri Crafts’ raw silk cushions, let the heat of the desert light your path and inspire you to embrace the bold, the bright and the extravagant.
"Memories of golden sand and cobalt skies in the land of an endless horizon."
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