Escapes COMO Uma Ubud, Bali
In honor of women’s month, we wanted to take a moment to introduce you to COMO Uma Ubud and highlight Christina Ong, owner and operator of COMO’s 12 luxury properties located worldwide. Ong, a prominent style icon in her home country of Singapore, opened the group's first Bali property in 2004.


Tucked high up among coconut palms overlooking the breathtaking Tjampuhan Valley lies COMO Uma Ubud. The understated luxury of this 46-room and suite property exudes the charm of a traditional Indonesian village. Local wood and alang-alang thatched roofs invite guests to check-in with spirit amid the lively soundtrack of the Balinese jungle.

Japanese designer Koichiro Ikebuchi conceptualized the Uma Ubud’s interior aesthetic. All rooms incorporate a private outdoor space, each filled with natural light, some with very inviting open-air showers. Book the Garden Pool Villa, a standalone hut with a lushly coated open-air courtyard and private pool.


The Balinese live equally in two worlds: the seen, conscious world known as sekala, and the unseen, psychic world known as niskala. Balinese traditional healers believe that both realms must be addressed to truly heal any imbalance. Known as Balians, these healers are highly respected, each possessing a different specialty, just like western doctors specialize in chosen practices.

Balinese healing uses natural herbs and spices combined with holistic therapies and ancient wisdom to treat both mental and physical pain. COMO has a vetted network of Balians to connect travelers with their specific, unique needs and conditions. Healers are capable of performing purification ceremonies or rituals like mystical spells and energy work. Be it a physical, emotional or spiritual ailment, the goal is a deeper connection to self through a restored equilibrium between worlds.


A secluded setting surrounded by greenery beside a waterfall-fed pond, Kemiri translates to “candlenut” in Bahasa which is a key ingredient in Indonesian cooking. The restaurant is a breakfast-lovers haven, offering innovative dishes like black rice pudding and coconut pancakes with caramelized bananas. Dinner often includes refreshing healthy cocktails with freshly caught seafood followed by dancing.

Uma Cucina is COMO’s spin on coastal Italian cuisine. The communal dining vibe is perfect for getting to know other travelers. Enjoy pizza topped with fresh tuna crudo and peppers followed by the chocolate nemesis and semifreddo sweet treats.



Indonesia is the world’s number one exporter of tuna, but destructive fishing practices like shark finning and dynamite blast fishing are destroying the island’s ocean. There is a prominent eco-community in Bali and it is common for villages to pass along sustainable methods from generation to generation. If you plan to enjoy seafood while in Bali, experience the art of fishing with a sustainable fisherman in the middle of the Indian Ocean on the West coast of the island.

Learn eco-friendly methods from Wayan, the son of a fisherman and renowned chef. Encounter tuna, lobsters, mahi-mahi and more on an aquatic boat journey before heading to Wayan’s house to cook a fresh catch together Balinese style in his village of Seseh. Ask COMO staff to connect with Wayan at Bali Outdoor Adventures for a culturally sustainable Ubud seafood experience.



Ubud derives its name from ‘Ubad’, meaning ‘medicine’ in Balinese. Medicinal plants like turmeric and citronella grow wild in the dense green forests. The pursuit of balance is central to COMO’s award-winning wellness concept which calls Bali its flagship retreat center, offering services in body and massage therapy with holistic facial and nail care.

Indulge in the Javanese Royal Experience wellness package for an aromatic body scrub, spiced bath and Indonesian-style massage. For the best views in the resort, head to the yoga pavilion. The calm stillness of the open-air deck allows for complete relaxation and mental focus. There is also a reflexology area, steam room, sauna, gym, and a 25-meter jade green pool. Bali’s peaceful spirit kindles the core of COMO Shambhala in a state of jungle bliss.


"Ubud derives its name from 'Ubad', meaning 'medicine' in Balinese. Medicinal plants like turmeric and citronella grow wild in the dense green forests. The pursuit of balance is central to COMO’s award-winning wellness concept."
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