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Balearic Bliss

The Islands in the Balearic impress upon you their unadulterated splendor. It seems as though the cerulean waters, chalky cliffsides, and tangerine skies were created for this small space in the Mediterranean Sea – they join together in such peaceful harmony. The vibrancy of its colors are imbued with the luster of a contented place.

Hundreds of years of relative isolation from the cultural development of mainstream Europe encouraged each island to develop distinctive character. But more than parts of its sensory whole, the Balearic embodies a way of being. Transport the essence of Mediterranean calm into your sanctuary with azure objects that recall the ebb and flow of the tide, and herbaceous scents that will distill your home with the ambrosial aura of a trip to the Balearic. Place wild flowers in a cobalt vase and keep fresh tomatoes in ashen hand thrown ceramics to awaken a more meditative state within. The aphorism of the archipelago is one of bucolic bliss: everything is beautiful but nothing is for show; all is authentic not artifice.

"Impart the essence of a midsummer Mediterranean romance into your sanctuary with objects which recall Balearic bliss at its best."