Staples Undiscovered Edit: ST. AGNI
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Leather sandals are the anchor to a summer wardrobe. For those who live in tepid climates, they are an all-season staple. “I believe that environment influences style dramatically,” says Lara Fells, the co-founder and designer of Australian-based label ST. AGNI. “Living in different places, my style was influenced significantly by the weather and what was happening in my life at the time,” she explains. ST. AGNI embraces the synergy between environment, style, and lifestyle. Its collection of leather sandals, natural linens and everyday accessories reflect the earthy, sun-drenched color palette and coastal laid-back lifestyle of the brand’s home in Byron Bay, where an everyday outfit must demonstrate the potential to transition from the office to the beach.

With no formal training or experience in business or design, fueled only by relentless hours of hard work and uncompromising passion, Lara and Matt established ST. AGNI with the aim to create staple pieces, not statements in each one of their designs. The designers source quality materials and create minimal and versatile pieces that work well with a structured wardrobe or everyday style. Lara describes the essence of the brand in four words: “refined, nonchalant, timeless and authentic.”

Just as the brand reflects the lifestyle of its coastal environment, Lara and Matt are equally committed to protecting it. They work exclusively with locally farmed leather, demonstrate controlled production practices and maintain close working relationships with the craftsmen. Each ST. AGNI sandal is handmade with care, meaning that no two pairs are exactly the same given the natural patina and organic nature of the leather.

Paring down extravagance in favor of spotlighting the organic and authenticity in craft, ST. AGNI demonstrates some of the qualities lost in today’s fashion industry – most notably the harmony amongst function and form, lifestyle and personal style. The result is a practical and adaptable sartorial sandal companion that is well suited to elevate the everyday, in almost any environment. After all, as Lara explains, “what you wear changes how you feel and ultimately how you see the world – and how you consciously choose to participate in it.”

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"Australian-based ST. AGNI embraces the synergy between environment, style, and lifestyle."
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