Sans Piper Mot & Pipette Server

Condiments are deserving of beautiful containers too, this clear bottle and pipette are the ideal vessel in which to decant your essential sauces. Sans Piper Mot is another ornamental utensil by Laurence Brabant – place a few side by side with different dressings to feed your eyes as well as your stomach.

Each piece is hand made in France. The technique of free hand blowing is used and these objects are made without a mould – as such each piece is completely unique, slight nuances are to be expected and revered.

Sold Individually

Material: Borosilicate Glass

Dimensions: W 5cm x H 15.5cm

Care Details: Borosilicate glass is used for all Laurence Brabant Editions' pieces. Originally developed under the the brand Pyrex, this glass has been used for nearly a century for both laboratory glassware and cooking ustensils it is resistant to thermal shocks (such as hot liquids or dishwashers) making it exceptionally durable.


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