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Botanical Stacking Plates

Inspired by the luxuriant vegetation, diverse flora and details of organic matter in the four gardens of paradise, Lina Saleh’s delicate porcelain stacking plates explore the duality between structural and organic form. The diverse shape of each plate creates a sculptural collection when joined together, recalling the coalescence of perfection and imperfection in humanity, the symbiosis of life and afterlife – and the elemental harmony that awaits in the promised paradise.

Each unique plate is crafted by hand in Riyadh. Imperfections in the porcelain including variations in size, shape and texture add to the beauty of the object and are considered a part of its aesthetic appeal.

Material: Porcelain

Dimensions: Plate 01 - W 25 cm x H 5cm Plate 02 - W 27cm x H 7cm Plate 03 - W 11cm x H 3cm Plate 04 - W 15cm x H 6cm *sizes are approximations


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