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Nude Vase Quartet

Inspired by the four classical elements – earth, air, water and fire, KANA London combines artisanship with functional sensibility to bring art into every day use. Utilizing a mixture of various rare clays and a combination of custom glazes gives each vase a beautiful half finished, half textured tactile feel that highlights the material’s natural properties and pays homage to organic materials and the beauty of things imperfect. Variations in height create soft contrast whether displayed as a collection or as standalone statement pieces. 

Each item from KANA London is crafted by hand, honoring the symbiotic relationship between art and material, and further emphasizing the individuality of each piece. Imperfections in appearance add to the beauty and tactility of the object and are considered a part of its aesthetic appeal.

Material: Stoneware

Dimensions: Vase 01 - W 7cm x H 17cm Vase 02 - W 7cm x H 21.5cm Vase 03 - W 7cm x H 18.5cm Vase 04 - W 7cm x H 24cm *sizes are approximations


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