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Redefine winter traditions as your own with the classic spirit of De Nîmes. Named after the city of Nîmes, France where denim workwear was first produced hundreds of years ago, this candle has the quiet, cool quality of French indigo. Invoking earthy notes of violet, eucalyptus and blueberry, this scent has dressed up provinicial quality. Additional essences of almond and rhubarb mingle with darker wood notes and juniper berry while ambergris gives it a slight seaside minerality.

The Rituals Collection – a season to surrender to nature’s magic and infinite wisdom. This year is a time to create new traditions that turn this holiday into a ritual for self-realization. Embrace tradition, but make it your own, with this reflective and sublime collection.

Fragrance notes: Almond, Rhubarb, Violet, Ambergris, Blueberry and Juniper.

Material: Dyed coconut and beeswax blend; braided cotton wick. Matte ombre yellow glass tumbler with reflective gold label

Dimensions: H 8.6cm


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