Madurai Scented Candle

Part of ‘Les Belles Matières’ collection which celebrates the most beautiful single-note ingredients from around the world, Madurai is a beautiful blend of Sambac Jasmine and Ylang Ylang which literally blooms as it floats delicately through the air. Named after the ancient temple city of Madurai where the Jasmine flower naturally intensifies at night, this sweetly scented candle instantly evokes memories of balmy evenings under the stars and longed-for Indian summers. Steeped in history and spirituality, sit back and relax whilst this perfumed floral creates a feeling of calm and balance, infusing your home with the scent of tropical white flowers all year round.

Fragrance notes:
Head : Ylang-Ylang.
Heart : Sambac Jasmine absolute.
Base : Benzoin Resin.

Material: Wax And Cotton Wick. Tuscan Glass Outer.

Dimensions: W 9cm x H 10.5cm

Care Details: Burn Time 55-60 Hours.


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