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Scents of Place

Our unconscious mind can bind us to certain places and moments in time. Although memories are susceptible to alter, the recollection a scent can summon is intuitive; you can feel the sensory memory bound to your body in a way that is immutable. Names of places may fade, as might the details of the time and day, but the scents that are imbued within us weave into the fabric of our memory, to create a nostalgic tapestry.

There are smells that conjure a universal place and feeling – like the saltiness of the sea or the comfort of freshly baked bread – but there are also scents that are particular to one place. They are so significant to its identity, that a place becomes distinguished by its aroma: think of fresh lavender fields in Provence or the Himalayan Cedar Wood of Nepal. The beauty of these localities are fated to their sensory characteristics.

Transport scents of place back to your sanctuary so you can continue your global odyssey everyday. The aromas will help to nourish your curiosity and adorn you with an earthy and inquisitive outlook on quotidian activities. In looking at perfumes from around the world we hope to distill calm essences into your home, a reminder that your body is always rambling both from the comfort of your home and in the outside world.

Bring sensuous wonders into your dwelling with these evocative scents of place; shop our selection of worldly fragrances.

"Scents remembered weave into the fabric of our memory and create a nostalgic tapestry."