Staples Marula Shimmering Oil by African Botanics

There’s an art to perfect face and body oils that African Botanics seems to have mastered. This hydrating mixture will leave your skin feeling luscious with an ever so slight shimmer.  

African Botanics –

A nourishing gold shimmering oil for body, face and hair that leaves skin smooth and luminous. This hydrating complex of restorative African oils hydrates, soothes, and firms. Infused with mother of pearl minerals for a radiant sunkissed glow. An exquisite antioxidant-rich complex of restorative African Marula, Moringa, Baobab and Kalahari Melon seed oils are especially chosen for their resilience to harsh climatic conditions and ability to deeply nourish, soothe, soften and maintain skin youthfulness and firmness. Infused with particles of translucent mother of pearl minerals to illuminate skin and enhance its natural radiance. Leaves skin smooth and delicately scented.

"Infused with mother of pearl minerals for a radiant sun-kissed glow. "
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