Staples Bario Neal Takara Kali Bracelet by Beklina

These flashy beautiful gold bracelets are one of many unique pieces you can find at Beklina – a brand that caters to women with individuality and style.

“Beklina was founded by Angelina Rennell in 2006 for the candid, individual and artistic woman. For over 10 years Beklina has curated a tight edit of beautiful and thoughtful fashion and objects, with what we like to call a native-modern vibe. We hope to connect unique perspectives that attracts those of similar passions. More than a shop, Beklina also produces an ongoing collection, from knits, swimsuits, pants, pillows, rugs, art, jewelry, housewares, textiles, to random objects and handmade clogs”

"for the candid, individual and artistic woman"
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