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Clear the Air

Energy is contagious. In the same way our surroundings influence us, we influence our surroundings with our energy, thoughts, and moods. Understanding this connection heightens our awareness of the energy we bring into our environment and especially into our home. The residue of strong emotions, whether someone else’s or our own, can linger in the air, which is why we make the case for establishing a daily ritual to cleanse and protect your most sacred space.

Techniques to clear the air can be as sophisticated as installing an air purifier, or as simple as a breath. Burning white sage, spraying aromatherapy mist, and diffusing essential oils are all modest practices that can easily be incorporated into a routine. While we may not always be able to control our emotions, avoid distraction or escape negativity, we can breathe a little easier knowing that home is a place where we can heal.

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"Daily rituals to cleanse and protect your most sacred space. "